Urgency to go to the loo and diarrhoea can have a big impact on your daily life and how you feel physically and mentally.

It can be embarrassing on many levels and stops you leaving the house or being too far from a toilet at all times. It often means missing out on things you'd like to do. You shouldn't have to resign your self to living like that.

Over the counter medications might work to slow things down but they don't always work and can cause other side effects. They are really only disguising the problem, not addressing the possible causes. That's where I come in. Sign up for my Advanced or Ultimate programmes and we can explore where your symptoms may be coming from. We can create a plan to tackle the origin of your symptoms, to achieve long term improvements, helping you to enjoy the simple pleasures your are only dreaming about at the moment.

Get in contact and we can book in a call to talk about what you're going through and develop a plan on how to improve your condition.