“I started working with Susie out of desperation in June 2020. As I write this January 2021 I can fit into the jeans I have not been able to wear for at least four years.

My main aim of working with Susie was not to lose weight- I had gone beyond that. I was following a FOB MOP diet that was meant to be a short intervention- I had been following it for over a year! At the point of calling Susie I was at my wits end- my diet was reduced to a few foods- and any deviation would blow my stomach up and cause wind. I’d end each day with a stomach as bloated and hard as could be and at a loss as to what to do.
With Susie knowledge and support following the individual program she devised for me- I was able to pinpoint the foods that had a detrimental effect on my body- while increasing the foods that I ate. I learnt to enjoy food again and felt supported and engaged with my healing experience as Susie was expertly leading me towards a new diet and future that before I made the call to her I could not have dreamed possible.
Susie has supported me with information about supplements carefully making sure that they are safe with my other medication. She is so knowledgeable about a wide range of effects that food and supplements have on the body and I have truly felt  safe in her advice.
Getting into those jeans is a great side effect but being bloat free and wind free is a true blessing. I feel more energetic and comfortable in my body. I thought as a women who is almost passed menopause that this was almost impossible to achieve as I had been trying for a number of years. I am grateful that Susie is so passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition and I’d recommend anyone to work with her.”

Ms L


Susie has helped me change how I feel about my health and wellbeing. She took the time to take an in-depth history, which raised important questions which have laid dormant for too long. She helped with my symptoms, so I began to feel much better, even after the initial consultation. And, over the course of the treatment package, she equipped me to think critically and constructively about my overall health.”

Ms S


“With Susie’s dietary guidance and knowledge of food supplements I have managed to majorly effect the stomach rumblings and bloating that have been troubling me for the past two years.”

Mr G

“I have definitely already noticed some improvements to my digestive system, which is great, thanks so much!”

Miss L