Sort your digestion!

Gut Health and Buteyko Breathing workshop 

When? Saturday 8th February at 10am - 13.00pm

Where? Adventures in Movements Studio - 15 Myddelton Road, London N8 7PY

How much? £50

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Come and find out about how the gut works and all about our microbiome and the factors that may be affecting your gut and general health. I'll be talking about ways that you can support and improve your health through your gut with nutrition and lifestyle. Grey Caws a Buteyko practitioner and Oxygen Advantage instructor, will be teaching the skill of Buteyko breathing and how it is linked to our gut health.

What goes on in your gut can affect your whole body. Over the last 10 years the research into the human gut and has blown up and science has realised that there is just so much about the gut and its ecosystem (the microbiome) that we didn’t know. The microbial communities (the microbiome) that live in the human gut have been described as “a new organ” Most striking is the effect of gut health on other parts of our body and our general health. Never has it been more apparent that our body works as a whole and our gut has a major influence on how well it is working and feeling and is involved in “modulating human disease”

Some areas that gut health has shown to influence are: Immunity, mental health, obesity, diabetes, arthritis to name but a few! And let us not forget the discomfort of the symptoms of imbalances in the gut such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome that are the more obvious signs that something is not right in our gut.

The factors affecting the health and function of our gut and the microbiome start from before we are even born. And continue every day of our life. From what we eat to our daily routines and how we have lived in the past. It’s essential to look after our gut health and repair any damage that may occur along the way so it is able can serve our body and work in harmony with our other organs. And one of the amazing aspects of the microbiome and our gut health is that it is adaptable and changeable through our diet and lifestyle.


Nutrition Myth Busting Workshop 

When? Saturday 7th March at 11am - 12.30am

Where? Adventures in Movement Studio - 15 Myddelton Road, London N8 7PY

How much? FREE! Click through here to book your place or let us know if you'd like to Zoom in online.

I will be busting some of the most common dietary myths that have been flying round the media for decades and I will clarify some of the more recent nutritional non-sense we are bombarded with. A couple of the myths we will be discussing:

Count Calories.  Calories in vs calories out, simple. Or is it? I'll be exploring calorie counting and how helpful it really is.

Plant Based is Best. For all those in veganism for health - we will discuss this area of nutrition and talk about the healthiest way to do it.