Generally, nutritional therapy works best with ongoing support from your practitioner as making long term changes and breaking habits can be hard so setting goals and timeframes can be very helpful. My packages aim to provide you with various levels of support with written notes, e-mail and telephone support as well as face-to-face (including Skype) consultations.

One off and top up consultations are available and cost £110 for 1 hour. And additional skype/telephone support services are also available.


Gut Repair

This is a 4-5 month plan in 4 stages. It is designed to help improve the health of your gut and its effect on your whole body. The package aims to address possible inflammation, leaky gut, food sensitivities, bacterial/yeast/parasitic overgrowths and low good bacteria (known as dysbiosis), immunity and also mood disorders. As well as looking at your absorption of nutrients and your digestion, functional testing can often be useful in assessing some of these factors (testing is charged separately) and the report and assessment of test results is included in the package. This package may help those suffering with IBS, IBD, inflammatory conditions such as eczema, aching or inflamed joints and low immunity to seasonal bugs.

This package consists of one initial consultation, two follow up face-to-face consultations and three telephone or email support calls. Consultations will be every 4-6 weeks and support calls will be in between those. You will receive a full written plan after every main consultation and a test result report summary if testing was run.

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Back to Balance

This is a 4 month plan looking at your overall diet and lifestyle and how to improve energy levels, immunity, weight balance and general health. There will be a food diary and medical history assessment, followed by a specific personalised written plan after every consultation. The package consists of 3 main face-to- face consultations at 4 week intervals and two 15 minute telephone or email support calls. Included will also be information sheets and meal ideas.

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Mother and Baby

This is a 3 month package aimed at helping new mums recover after birth and supports their health and energy levels while caring for a new baby. Pregnancy and child birth are very strenuous times for a woman’s body and the nutritional requirements are much higher during this period. Having enough of the right nutrients can have positive effects on your physical and mental recovery and getting used to life with a baby. The package consists of 3 main face-to-face consultations at 4 week intervals and two 15 minute telephone or email support calls. It also includes quick look notes to stick on the fridge and quick (easy to prepare one handed) meal and snack ideas documents.

The consultataions

Before you come for your initial consultation, I will email you some questionnaires to complete and email back to me. I ask for these to be returned 2 days before your consultation, to allow me to look through the information before we meet and it saves time in the consultation.  The questionnaires are:

A nutritional therapy questionnaire with lifestyle and medical history questions

A health screen asking about your symptoms

A 3 day food diary asking for 3 representative days of your usual food and drink intake.

A General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) form.

In the consultation, we will expand on the information you provide in the questionnaires, and discuss your health goals. We will talk about where there may be imbalances in your diet and lifestyle and then we will agree on the plan and the changes. These will include changes to what and/or how you eat, there may be a supplement plan and we will also discuss areas of your lifestyle to support this too.

Within 1 week of the consultation I will send you through your written plan.

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