Understanding and getting to the bottom of (no pun intended) digestive problems can take time. And making on-going dietary and lifestyle changes works best with dedication and support. For this reason I offer one-to-one programmes, so you feel fully engaged and it promotes compliance and better results. I try to adapt my programmes to your individual needs, so you get the most out of it and the changes you make are manageable. Consultations can be online through zoom or in person near Norwich, with occasional clinics in London.

My programmes aim to provide you with various levels of support with prices from £385 and include:


  • 1 x 90 minute face to face consultation.
  • In depth diet, lifestyle assessment, taking in account all areas of health, lifestyle and medical history
  • 60-minute follow up face to face or online consultations (how many depends of individual programme)
  • Phone support/progress calls, where applicable
  • Individualised diet and supplement plan
  • Quick look consultation summary notes.
  • Supplementary hand outs
  • Clinical testing recommendations and analysis, (where applicable)
  • Test results call
  • Medication and supplement interaction assessment
  • Motivation and moral support all the way
  • Meal and recipe advice
  • Discounts on supplements


Testing, and supplements and testing costs are not included in programme cost.

My Packages


This program will get you started on your road to recovery with small tailored steps, to help you understand your nutritional needs. Clinical testing is not included in this programme.





 This is a more in depth and slightly longer program, to help you discover how your current diet and lifestyle may be affecting your symptoms. We can run appropriate tests. We plan a very specific diet and lifestyle program, to help you take control of your health.



This program provides the highest level of support and accountability. This will give you a deeper understanding of your own health through testing and dietary changes. And it will give you more encouragement to achieve the more challenging changes and gives you all the attention you need to feel better.

The consultataions

Before we meet (virtually or in person) for your initial consultation, I will send you a link to some questionnaires to complete. I ask for these to be done 2 days before your consultation, to allow me to look through the information beforehand and it saves time in the consultation.  The questionnaires are:

A nutritional therapy questionnaire with lifestyle and medical history questions

A three-day food diary, asking for three representative days of your usual food and drink intake.

A General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) form.

In the consultation, we will expand in detail, on the information you provide in the questionnaires, in detail and discuss your health goals. We will talk about where there may be imbalances in your diet and lifestyle and then we will agree on the plan and the changes. These will include changes to what and/or how you eat, there may be a supplement plan and we will also discuss areas of your lifestyle to support this too.

Within one week of the consultation I will send you through your written plan.

Nutritional Therapy

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