Take back control of your digestion

Struggling with digestive problems can be overwhelming. Let’s work together to reduce and manage your symptoms so YOU stay in control, feel good and enjoy the simple pleasures

Bloating getting you down?

Worried to leave the house?

Dealing with abdominal pain?

No one should have to struggle with these symptoms in silence.

I know what it’s like to suffer with digestive symptoms and how exhausting it can be. I spent years dealing with them and they drove me nuts until I finally decided to take action.

Using nutritional therapy, I've helped many people to take control of their health and digestion too. You don’t need to live with the pain, embarrassment and exhaustions these symptoms can cause. I can help you to understand your symptoms and reduce them through your own personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan.




I am Susie Willsher, Registered Nutritional Therapist, specialising in digestive health. I help people to reduce their symptoms, improve energy level, and enjoy food again.

What can I help you with?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Gas and Bloating
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Urgency and Diarrhoea
Acid Reflux

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