Corporate & Business

Nutrition and ingredient adviser

I work with businesses, catering companies, restaurants and marketing companies to discuss health-giving properties of ingredients, healthier ingredient alternatives as well as special dietary requirements.

As a nutritional scientist with an extensive knowledge of health food products on the market and with experience of creating recipes for my patients I work together with companies to discuss and increase the range of their ideas.

Corporate health and diet advisor

I provide advice to individuals and businesses on how employees can improve their diet and lifestyle to help increase their concentration and performance at work. This includes:

  • Office workshops on the best lunch and snack choices from what is available in their areas; guided supermarket and shop tours can be organised and ideas of what to bring from home.
  • Ways to stay healthy, including advice on prevention of coughs and colds.
  • Helping to managing many chronic health conditions that can increase the number of sick days taken.
  • Ways to wind down after work and make the most of evenings and weekends.