Weight Loss Clinic

Weight loss Clinic

Weight loss can be daunting for many of us and with so much conflicting information in the media it can be hard to know where to start. Aside from specific health conditions the main reason for weight gain is a possible imbalance in diet and lifestyle.

  • A lack of nutrients could cause us to crave certain foods.
  • Skipping meals could cause us to store energy as fat when we eat.
  • A sedentary lifestyle may mean we don’t use up all the calories we eat and drink.

These are just a few of the reasons why people put on weight.

Fad diets don’t work because once you go back to eating as you did before the “diet”, you will just return to your original weight. This is because fad diets only help to temporarily lose weight; they don’t tell you what you were doing wrong in the first place. This is where I come in. Looking at your individual situation and health we can discuss changes to your diet and lifestyle that suit you. We can discuss ways to ensure the changes you make are sustainable and that when you lose weight it will stay off - not to mention all the other benefits of becoming healthier.

I don’t believe in “diets” I believe in balance.

Weight loss for kids.

Childhood obesity is rapidly increasing and the media is always telling us about the impact this can have on children’s long-term health. It can be difficult for the children and their parents to know how to deal with it and for parents to get their children to lose weight.

Parents may worry about addressing their children’s weight, not wanting to draw attention to it and further compounding the situation or creating further problems.

When I work with children and their parents we concentrate on aspects such as living more healthily, enjoying sports and feeling happier. Depending on the age of the child I try to include the rest of the family so the child does not feel as though they are being treated differently.

Family Consultations

I also hold family consultations, which can often be the best way to ensure that the whole family is healthy and eating correctly. We discuss ways in which food and exercise can be enjoyed by the whole family.