New Years Resolutions

January 8th, 2011 | Filed Under: Nutrition Tips | Tags: , ,

If you made a new years resolution to be healthier and make positive changes to your diet, WELL DONE!!!! You have taken the first step to a better year. If you havent it’s NOT TOO LATE!! If you planned to but havent started it’s still not to late. Here my top 3 tips to get you started on a healthier year:

1. Eat breakfast - Research suggests that those who eat breakfast have better concentration levels throughout the day and are less likely to be over weight. My number 1 breakfast recommendation is: porridge served with fresh fruit and a sprinkling of seeds (by the way porridge could also help you keep regular and support healthy cholesterol levels).

2. Take regular exercise - I know this is an obvious one and you already know you should, so DO IT!! it can help give you more energy, feel more relaxed (due to the endorphins), build muscles (which weigh more than fat and use more colories), burn more colories, make your heart stronger just to mention a few of the benefits! Try to do some exercise that gets you a bit our of breath. If you are unfit start slowly, swimming or brisk walks are good ones to start with.

3. Eat more vegetables - I would say that the majority of people I see in my clinic could do with eating more vegetables. The government’s recommendations of 5 fruit and veg a day is to stave off nutrient deficiencies but we should all be going one step further and not just avoid malnutrition but nourishing our bodies. Try and make half your meal plate up of vegetables. They are high in nutrients and fibre, low in calories not to mention tasty. Raw vegetables retain more of their nutrients so make big salads with peppers, watercress, tomatoes and sprouting beans to get plenty of those vitamins and minerals! dress with extra virgin olive oil for some more yummy goodness. If your going to cook your vegetables steaming or lightly stir frying them is your best option to reatian the nutrients and avoid adding too much fats and salt.

If you are able just to make these 3 changes you would be well on the way to a healthy 2011!

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