“Less meat, more vegetables”

January 27th, 2011 | Filed Under: Nutrition in the news

According to an article post on the Guardian website the other week America is finally debating the issue of diet and health and it sounds as though Americans may be embracing the idea of improving their diets. Apparently the US media is awash with the idea of “eating less meat and more vegetables”. This is very simple and beneficial idea for everyone. At least one meat free day for all you meat eaters could be a good plan:

I’m not just trying to convert everyone to vegetarianism and I am not usually one to preach about vegetarian diets (despite having been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years), I do believe that reducing meat consumption can be beneficial for some people.

There are many that argue that our humans’ bodies are designed to eat meat. Back in the day when we were hunter-gatherers we may have survived on meat (amongst other things such as plants and fish) but obviously not in the way we do now.

Some people eat meat at up to 3 times a day; maybe a bacon butty on the way to work in the morning, a chicken salad at lunch and spag bol for dinner. That is a lot of meat for one person. Not only would they be consuming high quantities of saturated fats, but the meat people most regularly eat is not a wild organic catch as it was back then. These days it’s often processed, filled with preservatives, lacking nutrients, animals are fed a less than ideal diet and are given medication to prevent and treat all kinds of disorders and to encourage growth. When their meat is eaten so are these chemicals.

Further more the digestion of meat, particularly red meat can be hard on the digestive system and some meat, particularly red meat can take up to 3 days to be eliminated.

So it may be a good idea for all you meat eaters to take a day or two off meat a week and give you gut a rest!

Not to mention the positive effect it could have on the environment if humans ate less meat.

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